The Problem

Much like unoccupied seats on an airliner taxiing for takeoff, vacant seats in a classroom are a missed opportunity. With programs for exam preparation or specialty courses for business or technical language, too many empty seats can force unenviable choices: Should you run the course at a loss? Or cancel it, disappointing students and possibly losing even more in the long run by sacrificing hard-won credibility with agents?

The Solution

Unlike the airlines, you've had no way to price and market those empty seats for maximum yield. Until now. The Lingonexus course booking platform gives you the pricing flexibility to put a student in every classroom seat:
Offer any or all of your courses.
Offer as many course seats as you want
 - you can offer just a couple of seats or your whole inventory.
Create pricing rules to offer discounts automatically depending on how many course seats are already booked, including multiple prices for the same time period.
React to changes in the market immediately with price adjustments and new pricing tiers.
Optimize your revenue stream by booking peak-season revenue early.
Bring students through the door to try out your school. If they like it, they just might stay another month - or six - at full price.
Reap what you sow with student feedback - positive feedback creates a positive sales loop.

Additional Features

Your agents are welcome to book course for students on Lingonexus and can connect to you as partners so bookings and commissions are tracked.
Facebook-style social network connects you with agents and students. 

What's Free

School listing with slideshow. You create your own webpage using the built-in WSWYG editor (or import your own HTML code) and are welcome to link to your school website. Post as many of your courses as you wish.


5% commission on the tuition fee portion of bookings. Students and agents pay the school directly.

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