Create a Social Profile

When you register with Lingonexus you become a member of the Lingonexus social community. Patterned on Facebook, the community facilitates your school making connections with students and study abroad agents, who also become members when they register.


To get started (you need to be logged in), click on CONNECT in the main menu. This will take you to your social profile menu:



Click on "Edit Profile". Now you can add a school description, address and other contact information.






Your profile will look like this to students and agents:




Now it's time to start getting social. One way students and agents can find you is by the groups you belong to. You can belong to any number of groups - or create groups yourself - but the easiest way to start is by joining groups for schools in your country and the subject matter your school teaches. First, go to the category Schools - Country Groups to join the group for your country:



Then, go to the category Schools - Subject Taught to join the subject group; for example, Language Schools - English:



Next, get connected with other Lingonexus members, particularly Study Abroad agents that you work with (or would like to). You can find them by performing a search or browsing through agent and other groups. You can also invite agents and students to join Lingonexus.



Once you've made some friends, you'll be able to send post news and information about your school, create events send messages and more. 


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