Steps to Get Started

  1. Register. Registration will allow you to offer courses on Lingonexus. You can also choose to offer and manage homestays and other accommodation on behalf of your homestay hosts or other accommodation providers in the Homestay and Residences sections of Lingonexus (you can also offer homestay as an add-on to a course booking). After completing your basic registration, you will need to click on an emailed validation link to finish.
  2. Create your School with detailed descriptions of your school including links and a slideshow. The WYSIWYG editor allows you to include links and insert tables, images and videos.
  3. Create your courses. You can offer any or all of your courses through Lingonexus. Lingonexus offers a number of course categories such as General English or Spanish for Business which allow students to compare schools with similar courses. If you offer a course that doesn't readily fit into one of those categories, let us know - we can create a new one.
  4. Create course fees. Lingonexus is all about yield management. You can offer fixed course fees if you wish, using the "Normal" fee setting, but the "Advanced" fee setting allows you to automate the process by creating different fees with different rules. Fee parameters can include course dates and number of course seats booked to date. You can also set additional fees including registration fees, homestay fees and airport transfer charges.
  5. Create your Social Profile. The Lingonexus Community uses a Facebook-like interface that allows you to make connections with current and prospective agents and students. You can post announcements, send messages, create events and join and form groups.
  6. Manage your Bookings. Once a student has booked your course you need to start a dialogue with them and smooth the path to their arrival at your school.
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