School dashboard, describing your school

Lingonexus allows for considerable freedom of expression in telling students and agents about your school. You can describe your school with words, images and videos, links to your school website and to information about local attractions, public transit, entertainment and anything else they may find of interest.

To start setting up your school, login (you've already registered) under "Account Details".



 Once you're logged in, you'll be able to set up and administer your Lingonexus listing. You'll see a calendar with current, future and previous bookings. The controls for setting up your school, courses and fees are under the "Settings" menu. We'll start with "School details".



Under "School details", you'll first complete a form with your school name and address. Then, locate your school on a map so it displays correctly in your listing and in the main Lingonexus map.

Next, select any affiliations and features your school offers. This can include accreditations, associations the school belongs to, language accreditation programs available and non-academic features students might be looking for.


Describe your school using the text boxes for School Description, Our Staff, Area Activities, Accommodation, Airport, Other Transport and Policies & disclaimers. You can insert any web based images (using flickr, imgur etc.) or videos (YouTube code) and create links to your school website and other resources. If you have access to HTML files for your school website, you can copy and paste HTML code directly into the box after selecting the "< >" button.


Your school's Policies and disclaimers are extremely important in establishing trust with students, setting the rules for any changes to the booking and conveying expectations for personal and academic conduct.

In the Media Centre (Settings > Media Centre), you can upload a main image for your school (logo, image incorporating your logo etc.), images for a slideshow and images for each course your school offers.


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