Q & A

Q. Is Lingonexus an agency?

A. No. We want to grow the language education industry by providing a platform that prices courses efficiently so more students can afford to study. We believe the complexity of language program choices, the automobile-sized price tags of longer programs, cultural and language barriers and the ability to seek recourse will ensure the ongoing role of agencies. Agencies are welcomed as Lingonexus members and as partners of your school. Our ongoing site development includes a Lingonexus agent portal. In setting our booking commission at 5% we've taken into account the agency commission you're already paying.

Q. Is getting started with Lingonexus difficult and time-consuming?

A. No - we'll do the initial setup for you. Usually we can use the content on your website including descriptions, prices and photos. Once your webpages, courses and prices are on Liingonexus, you can edit and add to the content and adjust course pricing according to market conditions.

Q. Do we have to offer discounted or variable tuition prices?

A. No. That said, the reason we started Lingonexus is because we believe language schools will be better managed and more profitable if tuition fees are priced using the principals of yield management. We understand that contractual obligations may initially restrict your ability to vary prices. You can start with fixed prices for your courses in the "Normal" tuition fee mode and convert them later to the "Advanced" mode. Then you can create different fees for different circumstances. 

Q. Help!!

A. No problem. We want to get you on board. Our lifesaving equipment includes a Help Desk and the usual website stuff but we'll be happy to walk you through problems over the phone, Skype, email or IM.

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