School configuration settings

Your listing on Lingonexus can be configured by many parameters. The default settings are the ones we think most schools would choose. We advise that you review all of the settings, but these ones are critical:

Select the currency you'll be invoicing your courses in. Course prices will be displayed in this currency and automatically converted into the local currency of the student or agent user viewing your courses.


Select your fee configuration mode. The Advanced mode is what Lingonexus is all about: Yield Management and the ability to create pricing rules for varying demand conditions. To get started, it may be easier to select "Normal". In Normal mode, you can create courses and prices in one step, but you can only have one price for a course. When you're ready to implement your yield management strategy, the fees you set in Normal mode will be saved in the Advanced mode.



Most language schools offer courses for fixed periods, typically in weeks or multiples of weeks. If this is the case for your school, you'll want to define this setting under School Configuration > Bookings. If you set the period to start on Sunday, homestay or other accommodation the student selects when booking will be invoiced from that day of the week.


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