Create courses & tuition fees

Lingonexus allows for "Normal" and "Advanced" course and fee configuration modes. In "Normal" mode, you can quickly set up a number of courses, but can only set one tuition fee per course and cannot add a detailed description of the course.


Normal Mode

To create a course in Normal mode, simply enter how many course seats you're making available (ie at any one time) on Lingonexus, and the price (per seat per week). 


Advanced Mode

In Advanced - or "Yield Management" mode - courses and tuition fees are created separately. A course only displays on the Lingonexus website if there are current (present or future) tuition fees created for it. An unlimited number of fees can be created for any course. For example:

- Fee for 4 week booking any time this year
- Fee for 12 week minimum booking any time this year
- Fee for 1st to 5th students booking for 12 week minimum booking any time this year
- Fee for 6th to 10th students booking for 12 week minimum booking October 1 to December 31
- Fee for any booking made now for January to June next year 

Create a course by clicking on "+" in "Courses" under "Settings". Courses must fit a Type so they can be categorized on the Lingonexus website but you can name them as you wish. Decide how many seats in the course you want to allocate to Lingonexus for booking, describe the course and any prerequisites. You will need to upload the Course Image separately from the Media Centre.


The courses you've created will appear as a list.


To activate a course, you need to create tuition fees for it. Parameters for tuition fees include:
- Booking dates
- Length of booking
- Number of students already booked

In yield management as practiced by airlines and other industries, brackets for the number of seats or units available under particular circumstances are known as "buckets". Lingonexus allows you to create an infinite number of "buckets" of course seats that reflect the supply and demand you're experiencing now and forecasting for upcoming seasons.



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