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The one hour Campus Experience includes a virtual tour of the University of British Columbia campus. The UBC student buddy leading the session will lead a conversation covering a variety of topics. Topics can include the ones shown here or they can be customized to suit.

The two session Campus Experience allows for more discussion topics than in a single session. Students can be assigned material to prepare them for the second session making it possible to delve deeper into subjects.

With additional sessions groups can delve into Sustainable Development Goal topics, making for deeper and more rewarding discussions.

Groups of five Okinawa Shogaku students enjoy five online roundtable discussions on a variety of topics with a University of British Columbia student. Each topic will be the subject of a 40 minute videoconference session. The sixth and final session will be with a Vancouver high school student.

Test cooking session

Canadian hosts invite Japanese guests to cook with them through a videoconference. Hosts will demonstrate and guests will cook along with them using the same recipe and ingredients. 

Host cooking

We'll cook Canadian seafood in different ways.

Assortment of seafood

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