Lingonexus educational programs are designed to support and extend school curriculums and foster global citizenship.


Our English language programs focus primarily on conversation, building on the written English studied in school, but we also deliver more specialized courses, such as essay writing in English, that many schools are not able to offer on their own.


The Lingonexus approach to learning English is based on Real Communicative Language Learning. This involves a conceptual shift in the acquisition of a second language. At its root is the idea that communication, not language, should be the subject, means and end to “ESL”. Language instruction is thus treated as a social skill learned through experiencing and not as a school subject to be pondered passively.


By concentrating on elements of social communication as opposed to elements of language, students are empowered and motivated to converse on their own. Natural learning takes precedence over scholarly instruction and the student’s brain switches from thinking about what I’m saying to thinking about what I’m doing in English. The tasks, such as the discussions, games and activities students engage in, are what enables students to learn. In short, students “Do to learn”, not “Learn to do”.


Putting Canadian university and high school students together with language learners in person or online enables social communication particularly well. Adding structure to the conversations with subjects like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with its’ myriad of potential topics, gets students talking and thinking about important global issues.


Lingonexus staff are happy to create a program that supplements your schools’ curriculum and helps your students achieve their goals.

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Lingonexus is owned and operated by Vancouver Family Homestays Ltd. VFH has arranged homestay, language and activity programs for visiting students since 1985

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